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Concentrated grape must, rectified and cooked grape must



Rectified concentrated grape must

We have been specializing for many years in the production of concentrated grape musts and we use the latest modern stainless steel equipment for our production.


This is must obtained from a variety of grape for wine, which undergoes the following treatments: Passage in anionic resins, ionic exchange, and vacuum concentration.


In addition to the supply of concentrated musts in bulk, our product is available in the following sizes- Plastic containers - for food of 6, 13 and 25 kg
- Plastic drums - for food - from 280 kg net and tanks of 1000 litres (kg 1340).
All our packages come with a warranty seal.

DELIVERY: Throughout Europe



Appearance: homogeneous liquid, viscous, slightly opaque
Colour: Clear or slightly pale yellow
Odour: neutral or slightly fruity, without any strange odour
Taste: sweet, without extraneous flavours

Sulfur dioxide total: max 20 (mg / kg sugar)
pH: 4.0 max (25 ° Bx)
Brix (percentage by sucrose mass): 64.00 to 66.00 (° Bx)
Sugar: 861.6 -898.0 (g / l)
Sugar: 653.5 to 674.4 (g / kg)
Potential alcoholic strength: 51.18 to 53.34 (% v / v 20 ° C)
Total Acidity: max 12 (meq / kg zucch)
Hydroxymethylfurfural: max 20 (mg / kg of sugar)
Folin - Ciocalteu: max 5 to 35 ° Bx)
Total cations: max 7 (meq / kg sugar)
Developed Alcohol: max 0.8 (% v / v)
Mesoinositol: present

Aliciclobacillus: Yeast: <10,000 CFU / g)
Mould: <1000 CFU / g
Total mesophilic bacterial count: <10,000 CFU / g

OD at 425 nm: 0.08 max (C to 25 ° Bx)
Density at 20 ° C: 1.3185 to 1.3315 (g / ml)
Conductivity: max uS / cm at 25 ° Bx)
Isotope values (D / H) 1 ethanol: 99-106 (ppm)

PRODUCTION: REGULATION (EC) N.1493/1999 of the Council of 17 May 1999 relating to the of the common wine market organization.

USES: In the wine industry: to increase the natural valumico alcoholic strength of musts or new wines still in fermentation, for the sweetening of wine and for liqueurs de tirage or liqueur expedition in the preparation of sparkling wines. In the food and beverage sector: sweetener or sugar syrup in preparation of foods.

STORAGE: At room temperature between 15-25 °, in case of changes in temperature check for the possible formation of condensation and its possible effect on the surface of the product that might cause some dilution of the product. The storage at temperatures below 15 ° C causes the crystallization of sugars, temperatures of above 25 ° C for long periods should be avoided to prevent the formation of HMF. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight.



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